Systems solutions with "Ceramics inside" for today and tomorrow

The application of high-performance ceramics in existing and new systems has allowed previously unachieved combinations of mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical properties to be attained. This has been demonstrated through innovative applications in energy technology, mechanical and plant engineering and medical engineering, for example, combustion chamber linings, roller bearings and implants. Materials and components based on high-performance ceramics constitute a proven and well-established competence area for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

The spectrum of research performed extends along the entire value-added chain, from modeling and simulation through application-oriented development of materials, production processes and machining technologies all the way to component characterization, evaluation and nondestructive testing under application conditions. The institutes participating in the thematic group on high-performance ceramics have the common objectives of melding their unique competencies in fields ranging from materials to systems solutions and improving the competitive position of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in the field of high-performance ceramics with unique new features.


Advanced Ceramics for Subsea Systems

At present, AdvanCer is working in a joint project developing ceramic solutions and test methods for the oil and gas industry
as well as for deep sea mining.

New Applications for Advanced Ceramics

AdvanCer regularly presents new applications for advanced ceramics in the "Ceramic Applications" magazine.